Aussie Hot Rodders

We believe that clubs should welcome everyone, even if you don't have that dream car yet but are a major motoring enthusiast, you should still be able to enjoy getting out and about and socializing with like minded people.

We also believe that if you join a club and support it to the best of your ability, the club should give back to its members, after all if a club has no members, its not a club is it.....

Benefits of being a part of Aussie Hot Rodders Inc.

  • An Incorporated club

  • Family Orientated

  • All ages welcome (must be 18 to join an inc. association)

  • A club that gives back to members eg. All paid xmas function, rewards for members contributions through out the year

  • No discrimination on what automobile or stage your restoration is at

  • Low membership fees including a club¬† shirt and sticker

  • Dating officer for special interest registrations

  • We have a club fundraising even every one or two months when available

  • Our member base and sponsors are growing every month

  • Professional photographer for photoshoots

Getting Help

If you do require any help or questions please email us at or use the contact us page.